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Production Information
We mainly supply Bicycles and Auto & Motorcycle Industry, Medical Equipment, Furniture, Cold Drawn Precision steel tube, cold drawn seamless precision steel tube for Hydraulic & Pneumatic cylinder and inner scraped steel tubes especially for cold drawn steel tubes to Taiwan and overseas market.
In order to meet the demand of the automotive industry, the development of high-strength pipe fittings (Chrome Chromium Molybdenum Cr-Mo. SPFH SAPH ...) and internal scraping demand. Mold development is available to meet specific sizes.

Our Manufacture 
Round tubes φ12.7m/m(φ1/2”) – φ76.2m/m(φ3”) Thickness:0.8-4.0m/m
Inner Scraped tubes φ19.1m/m(φ3/4”) – φ76.2m/m(φ3”) Thickness:0.8-4.0m/m
Square tubes □19.1m/m(□3/4”) – □50.8m/m(□3”) Thickness:0.8-4.0m/m
Rectangular tubes 20x40m/m – 30x60m/m Thickness:0.8-4.0m/m
Square tube and rectangular tubes are available to be scraped. 
Special Square tubes or rectangular tubes for automatic laser cutting machine are available.